The panditain throws the lit pieces of wood at him. Rupesh Tiwari as Hadaul, is a fine actor and singer. When the young man, Kumar, disappears after having taken a lot of money from all the guilty officers in the town, the mayor realises that he has been fooled. Another actor on stage who was a good singer-actor was Kusum Shastri as Champavati, the wife of Jujhar Singh. Dukhiya decides to make the pandits house impure and goes on cutting wood.The second play presented by the Hum Thatre Group from Bhopal, Lala Hadaul, was in Bundelkhandi language and according to Komal Kalyan Jain, the writer, it is about life and the doings of Lala Hadaul who was the step-brother of saw mills Suppliers Raja Jujhar Singh of Bundelkhand. It’s a story about a small township in India, where corruption rules. The opening play was by host group; Gogol’s Inspector General adapted by Sanjay Sahai in Hindi as Jaanch Padtaal. 

The most talked about place while designing a home for a client is their kitchen and the second in the list is the personal closet - walk-in wardrobe area or personal closet. Architect Asumi Rawat points out, "The can be added details in a closet -- drawers for lipsticks, for watches, for a makeup brush, pencil, and perfumes. While designing the closet area, one can include indirect mood lighting. The dresser drawer must be interestingly planned with drawers to accommodate all the cosmetics of different shapes and sizes. Make a comprehensive list of how many drawers, shelves and hanger slots we will need in order to accommodate everything comfortably, suggests Ekta Khialani, a famous interior designer.